Our Dedicated Employees

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  • Brian Melakian
    General Manager
    (806) 872-2188

  • Jeremy Torres
    Sales Manager
    (806) 872-2188

  • Tommy Brown
    Ford Manager
    (806) 872-2188

    Tommy has been working with The Reagor Dykes Auto Group since 2009 and he is originally from Olton,Texas. He has three sons over 20 years old whom he loves very dearly. His hobbies include building and shooting guns and his favorite quote is "Can't lose if you never quit".

  • Raul Renteria
    Finance Manager
    (806) 872-2188

  • Spencer Dickey
    Finance Director

    Spencer D. has been with The Reagor Dykes Auto Group since April 2016. He is originally from Lubbock, TX and graduated from Texas Tech University. Spencer has a German Shepherd and enjoys taking him on walks. His favorite quote is "Rule #1 don't be #2".

  • Chuck Hatfield
    (806) 872-2188

    Chuck has been working with The Reagor Dykes Auto since 2015 and is originally from Boerne, TX. Chuck has been a single dad for over 17 years  and has a son Clayton that plays football for Texas Tech and a daughter Taylor that attends Texas Tech. In his spare time Chuck enjoys golfing, hunting, fishing, and shooting. His favorite quote is "If you are not first, you're last!"-Ricky Bobby.

  • Calvin Roquemore
    Spike Dykes Accessories Manager
    (806) 870-1278

    Calvin has been working with The Reagor Dykes Auto Group since 2008 and is originally from Odessa, TX. He is blessed with a wonderful wife, three kids, a son in law, a daughter in law, and his granddaughter (his pride and joy). In his spare time Calvin enjoys bass fishing, and participating in Little League Baseball as a coach and umpire. His favorite quote is "Courage is being scared to death but saddling up anyway".

  • Mark Joplin
    Ford & Lincoln Parts Director
    (806) 872-2188

    Mark has been working with The Reagor Dykes Auto Group since 2011 and grew up in the West Texas area. He is married to his wife Becky and they have three amazing children along with one dog. In his spare time Mark enjoys NHRA racing, golf, and traveling. His favorite quote is "I am looking for a lot of men who have an infinite capacity to not know what can't be done"-Henry

  • Pepper Rickman
    Office Manager
    (806) 872-2188

  • Rock Roquemore
    Spike Dykes Accessories
    (806) 870-1278

    Rock has been working with The Reagor Dykes Auto Group since 2013 and is originally from New Orleans, LA. His wife Baylea and him have one adorable little girl named Adalynn and his favorite quote is a bible verse from Philippians 4:13.

  • Felix Medina
    (806) 872-2188

  • Ian Middleton
    Sales Professional

  • Joe Jacquez
    Sales Professional
    (806) 872-2188

    Joe has been working with The Reagor Dykes since 2013 and is originally from Brownfield, TX. In his spare time, Joe likes to ride and work on his motorcycle. His favorite quote is "I look to the day when people will be judged by the content of their character".

  • Jonathan Mcmurtray
    Sales Professional
    (806) 620-9935

  • Mark Ray
    Sales Professional
    (806) 872-2188

  • Max Mendieta
    Sales Professinal
    (806) 872-2188

  • Michael Amador
    Sales Professional

  • Mike Seward
    Sales Professional
    (806) 549-0075

    I've been with the RDAG since January of 2014. The business motto of "the best place to work and the best place to buy a car" is what attracted me to this organization. I graduated from Western Texas College Magna Cum Laude with a degree in business. I started in the car business in 2003 at the very bottom by detailing cars and have steadily progressed.
          My wife, Diane, lost her battle with cancer in October of 2016. My extended RDAG family has provided continuous support regarding the loss, which further emphasizes the company's motto of, "best place to work." Diane really admired Bart for his humanitarian efforts, which are very impressive. One of the many organizations he supports is CASA, an organization she used to volunteer for.
           If I could choose a famous quote, it would be from Mark Twain, "There are two important days in a person's life. The day you were born, and the day you find out why."

  • Oscar Osorio
    Sales Professional
    (806) 872-2188

  • Peter Ramon
    Sales Professional
    (806) 872-2188

    Peter R. has been working with The Reagor Dykes Auto Group since 2009  and is originally from Moses Lake, Washington. He is married to his beloved wife Sylvia Ramon and has a twin brother named Paul along with two sisters, his mother Juanita, and his two sons Derek and Marc. In his spare time Peter enjoys sports such as baseball and basketball. Peter says he "enjoys talking to people and selling vehicles to all my friends and relatives".

  • Ralph Arocha
    (806) 872-2188

  • Tyler Franks
    (806) 872-2188